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    Board-Certified Surgeon

    Board-Certified Surgeon

    Advanced Technology

    Advanced Technology

    Committed To Excellence

    Committed to Excellence

    Dr. Diego Ampudia - Plastic Surgeon in Tijuana


    Who Is Dr. Diego Ampudia?

    A highly-skilled plastic surgeon in Tijuana, Dr. Diego Ampudia has extensive experience in his field. Much of his work focuses on body contouring procedures for bariatric patients who have lost a great deal of weight.

    He is certified by the Consejo Mexicano de Cirugía Plástica, Estética y Reconstructiva A.C. which is endorsed by the Comité Normativo Nacional de Consejos de Especialidades Médicas CONACEM and also holds a certification in General Surgery. He was Chief of Reconstructive Surgery in the Hospital General de Tijuana with numerous courses and workshops in continuing education.

    Dr. Ampudia understands that each patient’s needs and desires are unique and he is dedicated to working hand-in-hand with you before and after surgery to address your questions and concerns.

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    Whether you’re looking to enhance your natural beauty or undergo reconstruction after illness or a previous procedure, rest assured that our team of certified specialists is dedicated to helping you achieve your goals. With Crisalix’s cutting-edge 3D technology, you can also preview a simulation of your new look before the procedure.

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    Our Services

    Cosmetic & Reconstructive Procedures We Offer

    Here are some of the types of procedures that Dr. Diego Ampudia performs.

    Breast Surgery

    Breast Surgery

    Reduce back discomfort with a reduction, improve the contour of your breasts with a lift, or give your breasts a more rounded appearance with an augmentation.

    Fat Reduction & Body Lifts

    Fat Reduction & Body Lifts

    Whether you've lost weight, given birth, or had major surgery, a body lift can help remove excess skin and sculpt your body.

    Makeover Surgery

    Makeover Surgery

    Our world-renowned mommy makeover and daddy do-over procedures revitalize the entire body and boost self-esteem.

    Face and Neck Procedures

    Face and Neck Procedures

    Dr. Ampudia can do a face lift, neck lift, or eye lift. The smallest change might make you look ten years younger!

    Minimally Invasive Cosmetic Procedures

    Minimally Invasive Cosmetic Procedures

    Look younger without needing surgery! Botox, dermal fillers, and microneedle treatments can eliminate signs of aging, no surgery required.

    Scar Revision

    Scar Revision

    Whether you have scars from past injuries or past surgeries, scar revision can make them look less visible and give your body or face a more appealing look.


    BodyTite is a medical platform based on RFAL technology, also known as radiofrequency assisted lipolysis. It offers a three-dimensional body remodeling that involves a three-dimensional contraction of the dermis, subcutaneous connective tissue and deep fatty tissue. 


    FaceTite is a minimally invasive shaping solution that can be used for the face and specific areas of the body. The results can be similar to those of a non-surgical facelift. This is a safe and effective treatment that provides patients with significant aesthetic changes.

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    Dr. Diego Ampudia - Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon

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    Our Approach

    Why Choose a Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon?

    Everyone has their reasons for choosing cosmetic surgery. Deciding to get surgery is a personal decision based on values, self image, and desires. At the end of the day, we all want to look our best, feel our best, and show our best face to the world.

    Everyone’s looks change over time. Some changes are caused by aging, while others are caused by weight increase or loss, pregnancy, and sun exposure. An accident might also have a negative influence on our appearance. Scars can be corrected or minimized through cosmetic and reconstructive surgery.

    Some of us have never loved a certain physical feature. This is usual — and expected. We might be concerned with the size and form of our noses and chins. Maybe we think our breasts or buttocks are too big, too loose, too tiny, or too flat. There might be extra skin around the abdomen that sags or creates a “apron.” Or our upper arms or thighs have sagged and lost firmness. Fortunately for us, there is a solution.

    Choosing a board-certified plastic surgeon means deciding to go with the very best. Dr. Diego Ampudia has received extensive training and has performed surgery at the highest levels as one of Tijuana’s best plastic surgeons.

    Prioritizing Patient Safety

    Patient safety is of paramount importance to Dr. Ampudia. We perform all cosmetic operations at our technologically advanced surgical center in Tijuana. These facilities allow us to treat patients with individualized care and access to the latest state-of-the-art technology.

    Clients who require inpatient treatment can recuperate in comfort under our monitoring and care. Dr. Diego Ampudia collaborates with highly competent medical professionals to assure your comfort and safety. Our expert team works together to give a great patient experience.

    In every case, he keeps an ongoing engagement with his patients and follows up on their development for 12 to 18 months, until the desired outcomes are achieved. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Ampudia today!

    Dr. Ampudia Prioritizing Patient Safety

    Why Get Plastic Surgery in Tijuana?

    Tijuana is home to some of the world’s most talented plastic surgeons, but here are some reasons why Dr. Diego Ampudia is the best choice for plastic surgery:

    Board-Certified Surgeon

    Board-Certified Surgeon

    Dr. Diego Ampudia is a board-certified plastic surgeon who has been practicing cosmetic surgery for over a decade.

    Affordable Surgical Rates

    Affordable Surgical Rates

    We can offer world-class surgical care at affordable prices. We also accept financing.

    World-Class Facilities

    World-Class Facilities

    Our surgeon performs cosmetic surgery at a local state-of-the-art hospital that follows the same safety requirements as U.S. hospitals.


    FAQs about Plastic Surgery in Tijuana, Mexico

    If you are generally in good mental and physical health, have enough financial means to afford the trip and recovery, and have the right expectations for your procedure, you’re a good candidate for plastic surgery in Tijuana. Consult with Dr. Ampudia and talk to him about your expectations before committing to the procedure.

    We ask that all patients stop smoking at least 4 weeks before getting plastic surgery. This is to make sure that your incisions heal properly, as smoking can reduce the body’s capacity to heal.

    The surgery itself is not painful because we use general anesthesia for most procedures. We prescribe pain medication for recovery, which should only be taken as needed. Most patients experience very little pain, but this will depend on the procedure you get & how well you follow your surgeon’s aftercare instructions.

    This depends on the procedure you get. More invasive procedures require longer recovery times, and if you get multiple procedures at once (such as the mommy makeover), it will take a little longer to recover. Some procedures require almost no recovery time, allowing you to go back to your normal activities. Dr. Ampudia will inform you of the necessary recovery time.


    Before & After Plastic Surgery Transformation Tijuana, Mexico

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