Dermal Fillers in Tijuana

It is natural for our facial skin and underlying tissue to become loose as we age. The regular loss of subcutaneous fat can cause the lines on our faces to become deeper and more noticeable.

Dermal fillers are gel-like compounds that come in a variety of forms. They may be injected into specific places to fill up minor depressions and smooth wrinkles without requiring surgery. Some can stimulate the body’s natural collagen synthesis in specific locations. Thus, dermal fillers can be utilized to improve the contours of our faces and to plump up thinning lips.

Fillers last six to twelve months, which means that regular treatments are recommended for best results. Schedule an appointment with Dr. Ampudia today!

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The Procedure

The region will be cleansed just before the treatment, and you may be given a topical anesthetic to numb the area before injection. Many filler formulations also contain lidocaine; a mild anesthetic used to reduce pain during and after treatment.

Mild bruising and swelling may occur in some individuals, but they are brief and should go away after a few days of therapy. You will be able to resume your daily activities immediately following therapy.

Women who are pregnant or breastfeeding and those who have shown an adverse response previously should avoid using hyaluronic acid fillers.

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Dermal Filler Recovery & Results

The recovery period varies depending on the patient and the type of filler injected. Most activities can be resumed immediately, although it is typically suggested that you avoid strenuous physical activity for the first 24-48 hours to reduce swelling and bruising. Before scheduling your injections, consult with your doctor about your unique recovery plan.

Following treatment with any dermal filler, your initial look may include the following:

These symptoms are temporary and not representative of how you will look. Most symptoms can be relieved with topical ice and massage and generally improve within hours or days. Make an appointment with your doctor to discuss your recovery and treatment options.


FAQ about Fillers