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Breast Lift Surgery in Tijuana

Regardless of their size, breasts can lose tone and droop as a result of weight loss, pregnancy, or breastfeeding and occurs naturally with age. Heritability also has a role. The breast lift, also known as mastopexy, removes extra skin and tightens the surrounding tissue. It does not, however, increase the size of the breasts. It can be combined with a breast augmentation or reduction to create a more appealing overall shape.

A breast lift involves the removal of excess skin that allows the breasts to fall into a less appealing position. To hold the breasts up, the breast tissue (parenchyma), with the areola and nipples attached, is pushed higher, and the lower pole tissues are tightened.

Prior to skin closure, the underlying breast parenchyma is sewed together in the lower pole to support the lift. Women may also be candidates for an areola lift, which does not need the vertical scar along the front of the breasts.

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Common reasons women choose breast lift surgery:

To regain a nicer breast shape after pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Pregnancy can cause unwanted changes to the breasts, like stretching and drooping. A breast lift, with or without implants, can help reverse these changes and help recover your pre-pregnancy body.

To enhance breast shape following major weight loss.

When you lose weight, you generally lose breast volume. By eliminating extra skin, a breast lift can help restore a more proportionate, youthful breast shape.

To give the breasts a youthful look.

Drooping breasts have plagued a small but rising proportion of breast lift patients since their adolescence. Breast lift surgery can assist a woman in achieving the breast profile she has always desired.

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Recovering from Breast Lift Surgery

Patients recovering from breast lift surgery are urged to rest comfortably at home and avoid unnecessary activity for several days. It is not advisable to lift and raise the arms over the shoulders. Medication can be prescribed to alleviate any pain or discomfort. 

Dr. Diego Ampudia will offer his breast lift patients detailed instructions ahead of surgery so that they may appropriately prepare. He will also tell patients when it is safe to resume normal activities and exercise and when they should arrange a follow-up appointment so that he can monitor their progress.

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Breast Lift Options

Your cosmetic surgeon will recommend the type of breast lift that will achieve optimal results with the least conspicuous scarring possible.

Wise Pattern (Anchor) Mastopexy

Named after the doctor that developed it, the Wise pattern has been in use for decades. The quantity of skin removed and the ensuing scar are calculated exactly based on the demands of each breast.

Because of the huge quantity of superfluous skin that must be removed in order to generate the optimum breast form, the wise pattern skin excision that results in a “anchor” scar is required in many breast lift instances.

Two crossing ellipses with a region above for areolar elevation and in-setting make up the wise pattern. These two elliptical excisions diminish the vertical and horizontal dimensions of the breast skin, resulting in a tight, round lower pole, which is the characteristic of a perky, appealing breast.

Vertical (Lollipop) Mastopexy

The vertical mastopexy is an identical procedure to the Wise pattern, with the exception that the horizontal ellipse of skin and associated scar in the breast crease are eliminated.

This is possible for small breast sizes, particularly when breast implants are used to restore volume.

Suturing the breast tissue together in the lower pole beneath the skin supports the breasts from within.
During surgery, the skin is “tailor tacked” with surgical clips while the patient sits upright.

This approach specifies the exact quantity of skin reduction required to get the optimal breast form.

This phase decides if the horizontal elliptical excision, which results in the “lollipop” scar, may be avoided.

Circumareolar or Benelli (Doughnut) Mastopexy

The circumareolar lift, rather than a full breast lift, is largely an areolar lift. Although it tightens the skin envelope of the breast significantly, this technique does not lift sagging breasts below the breast creases.

A circumareolar mastopexy is often performed on individuals who have low areolar placement on the breast but no actual drooping below the crease. Candidates for this operation typically have tight lower pole breast skin and a narrow space between their areola and breast creases.

This surgery is frequently performed to correct unequal areolar position or to reduce areola size. This surgery in no way replaces a vertical or wise pattern mastopexy.


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FAQ about Breast Reduction

We don't recommend that women who are severely overweight get breast lift surgery. We do, however, recommend breast lift surgery after weight loss to improve skin elasticity and fight off body gravity.