Buccal Fat


Buccal Fat Removal in Tijuana

Everyone has a pad of buccal fat beneath the cheekbones. Its size varies from person to person, and both size and location are affected by age. For people who believe their cheeks are overly chubby, there is a procedure to remove the excess fat surgically. Schedule an appointment with Dr. Diego Ampudia for a buccal fat removal consultation!

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Buccal Fat Removal Benefits

Some people’s fat pads that extend below the cheekbones towards the jawline might look fuller, giving them a puffy appearance. A buccal fat removal operation may assist patients who have substantial fat pads in their mid-facial area, sometimes known as “chubby cheeks.” This procedure can:

This procedure does not produce much scarring, and recovery time is minimal.

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Recovering from Buccal Fat Surgery

You should be able to resume your normal activities within a day or two following surgery. During the first week, minor inflammation in the treatment region is expected. However, you should notice a considerable reduction in inflammation by the second week, with full benefits noticeable in one month. Dr. Diego Ampudia keeps in touch with his patients and monitors their development for 12 to 18 months after the original treatment to enhance recovery and outcomes.




FAQ about Bucal Fat