Thigh Lift


Thigh Lift in Tijuana

The thighs are notorious for storing fat. As a result, the skin might expand, lose elasticity, wrinkle, and droop from the hips to the knees, particularly on the inner thigh. A thigh lift, also known as a thighplasty, removes extra skin from the thighs. It can be performed on either the inner or outer thigh, or both, and is sometimes paired with a buttock lift.

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What are the different types of thigh lifts?

Your provider will help you choose the best surgery to meet your individual needs. Below are the different types of thigh lifts to consider.

Inner (medial) thigh lift

The most common type of this cosmetic surgery is a medial thigh lift. It tackles drooping skin in your inner thighs by making an incision from your crotch to your knee or the back of your thigh.

Mini thigh lift

Your surgeon may conclude that you are a candidate for a small thigh lift based on your particular needs. This surgery needs fewer incisions than other forms of thigh lifts, requiring only a groin incision. If you would like the surgeon to concentrate on the upper-inner region of your thigh, this procedure may be what you're looking for.

Outer (bilateral) thigh lift

The exterior of your thighs is addressed with an outer thigh lift. The surgery entails making an incision in your groin that extends to your hip and lower back.




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