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Unlock the secret to a flawless physique with BodyTite. Smooth away imperfections and sculpt your dream body without the need for invasive surgery!

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Minimally Invasive

Experience the benefits of body contouring without the downtime of traditional surgery.

Skin Tightening

Achieve firmer, smoother skin in addition to fat reduction.

Customized Results

Tailored treatment plans to address your unique goals and concerns.

Quick Recovery

Get back to your daily routine faster with minimal downtime.

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Consejo Mexicano
Sinonimo De Excelencia
Hospital General Tijuana

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If you are generally in good mental and physical health, have enough financial means to afford the trip and recovery, and have the right expectations for your procedure, you’re a good candidate for plastic surgery in Tijuana. Consult with Dr. Ampudia and talk to him about your expectations before committing to the procedure.

We ask that all patients stop smoking at least 4 weeks before getting plastic surgery. This is to make sure that your incisions heal properly, as smoking can reduce the body’s capacity to heal.

The surgery itself is not painful because we use general anesthesia for most procedures. We prescribe pain medication for recovery, which should only be taken as needed. Most patients experience very little pain, but this will depend on the procedure you get & how well you follow your surgeon’s aftercare instructions.

This depends on the procedure you get. More invasive procedures require longer recovery times, and if you get multiple procedures at once (such as the mommy makeover), it will take a little longer to recover. Some procedures require almost no recovery time, allowing you to go back to your normal activities. Dr. Ampudia will inform you of the necessary recovery time.