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Body Contouring in Tijuana

Losing a significant amount of weight is a wise decision. But the skin that stretched to accommodate the additional fat is still there. Furthermore, persistent pockets of fat in certain body locations may persist. Excess skin is typically unpleasant in addition to concealing the body’s new contour. It may potentially obstruct mobility depending on its position and can increase the risk of chafing.

Body contouring, often known as a body lift, is recommended for people who experience significant weight loss. It can target the upper, middle, or lower body.

Body contouring involves the removal of extra skin and fat while tightening the underlying tissue that supports the skin. This cosmetic surgery may comprise one or more of the lifts outlined above. In addition, a facelift can help revitalize the features following substantial weight loss. If you’ve recently lost weight and are looking to remove extra skin, Dr. Diego Ampudia can help.

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Why Choose Body Sculpting?

Body shaping can help people slim down or reshape their physique. When diet, exercise, and other non-invasive treatments are ineffective, the doctor may propose this operation. Excess skin is also removed during the body contouring operation.  Removing excess skin assists the individual in getting rid of sagging, loose, or wrinkled skin that develops due to significant weight reduction. Best of all, this skin removal makes individuals appear younger.

However, not everyone who loses a large amount of weight is a candidate for body sculpting. Age, sun exposure, genetics, and weight distribution are all factors that influence the necessity for body reshaping surgery. Some patients have more skin on their thighs and may require a thigh lift. Others may have more skin on their belly and may require a tummy tuck. Body contouring is personalized to the patient’s individual needs.

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Types of Body Contouring:

There are two types of body contouring procedures. These are:


Non-surgical body sculpting has become more popular in recent years. Also called lipolysis, it breaks down fat cells, reducing the amount of fatty tissue. Lipolysis can be accomplished in a variety of ways. They are as follows:


For those who want to make the most radical changes to their body, surgery is a great option. The most popular surgical body contouring procedures are:




FAQ about Body Contouring