Makeover Surgery Procedures

Mommy Makeover

The “mommy makeover” focuses on the areas of a woman’s body affected by pregnancy and childbirth.

The most notable area is the abdomen. The uterus expands as the child’s body develops, and the surrounding skin stretches at the same time. In the final months of pregnancy, the baby’s growth is more rapid so that the muscles running vertically down the mother’s stomach area may actually separate gently to accommodate the growing baby.

As the uterus grows, the breasts also prepare for nurturing the newborn and you may notice they increase in size. Mothers who choose to breastfeed may find this fullness lasts while they are nursing. However, afterward, their size decreases. They may seem less firm or actually sag.

The stretched skin is no longer needed after childbirth. But this excess skin and sagging tissue can remain despite exercise and diet.

So the mommy makeover focuses on the abdomen and breasts, though perhaps not exclusively. Every woman’s body is uniquely her own. Your needs and desires will guide your surgeon. Together, you will choose one or more procedures to help restore your body’s contours to what they were before you became a mommy.